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Why Tarmac Driveways Are A Great Choice

Tarmac driveway

Tarmac is widely used across the UK for roads, pavements and other load-bearing surfaces. Therefore, it should be no surprise that tarmac driveways are incredibly popular. We’re going to go into more detail about its benefits, and why you may want to choose it for your home.

What Is Tarmac?

First, let’s take a closer look at what tarmac actually is. Most tarmac is comprised of crushed stones that are packed tightly together. Sometimes it’s mixed with cement or tar, but that’s generally an older way of making it. The broken stone mixture is pressed onto the desired surface, and usually steam rolled to finish. Although it’s usually seen in shades of black or grey, other colours are available, including reds, blues and orange-tones.

Tarmac Driveway Maintenance

You’ll be pleased to know that tarmac driveways require very little maintenance. There are no cracks or joins, so weeds shouldn’t have any chance to grow. It’s also weather resistant and can take the brunt of a lot of weight, so it shouldn’t succumb to much damage over time. Occasionally, repairs may be required, but these are very easy to carry out. You’ll also want to reseal the tarmac every few years to reinforce the surface and keep it looking shiny.

Tarmac driveway

Versatile Designs

Because tarmac driveways are comprised of a mixture that’s pressed into the surface, it can be formed into many different shapes. No matter how many twists, curves or bends you have in your driveway, tarmac will be the perfect fit. You can also go for a more decorative result by choosing colourful aggregates that suit your style. Using a range of colours means that many different patterns and textures are possible to achieve.

For Tarmac Driveways, Choose Vision Driveways & Patios

We’re experts at driveway installation, with tarmac and asphalt being something we specialise in. We guarantee our installations for 7 years, because we’re confident in the quality of the work we provide. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your new driveway.


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